Richard Matthew

UCI Researchers Look at Compounding Effects of Ocean- and Land-based Flooding

Aug. 28, 2017
From the Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

Coastal areas are threatened by both oceanic and terrestrial flooding, and the combination of these factors is especially concerning as sea levels continue to rise. Untangling how oceans and rivers interact – their so-called compounding effects – is a challenge for scientists and engineers trying to… Read More

Nuisance Flooding can be as Costly Over Time as Extreme Events

Though major storm events like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy receive the lion’s share of media attention for the losses they inflict, new FloodRISE research demonstrates that smaller, more frequent nuisance flooding events can be just as costly to coastal communities. In a new paper published by Earth’s Future, FloodRISE researchers Hamed Moftakhari, Amir… Read More

Coastal Resilience Conversations

PI Brett Sanders, Co-PI David Feldman, and Co-PI Richard Matthew joined guests from Coastal Orange County for a conversation about coastal resilience at the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach on November 17, 2016. The researchers shared updated flood risk maps with attendees, which visualize flood risk in new, innovative ways. The updated maps… Read More

Nuisance Flooding is Becoming More than Inconvenient

In a new article published in Geophysical Research Letters, FloodRISE researchers contend that nuisance flooding is a growing challenge for coastal communities with significant socio-economic and public health risks in coming years. They demonstrate that the frequency of nuisance flooding has increased in previous decades, with impacts such as public inconvenience, business interruption, and… Read More

Flooding, FloodRISE, and the Technology of Aid

Does assistance to vulnerable populations around the world result in improvements in social welfare or worsening economic conditions? This question is central to the so-called “Great Aid Debate,” which was the crux of a recent two-day UCI workshop sponsored by the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, UCI Illuminations, and the Institute for International, Global and… Read More

Rising Seas Summit Gathers Leaders during New York’s Climate Week

Just three days after 400,000 people joined the historic New York City Climate March, the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) convened its second annual Rising Seas Summit in midtown Manhattan. Attended by FloodRISE PI Brett Sanders, Co-PI Richard Matthew, and Project Manager Kimberly Serrano, the Summit convened decision makers from local and national… Read More

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