Resilient Infrastructure Design

California Drought is Stressing Antiquated Flood Infrastructure

“Every drought ends in a flood”…or so the saying goes. Though it seems counterintuitive to talk about flood protection in the midst of a drought, places like California demonstrate cyclical links between extreme dryness and intense flooding. In a recent letter published by Science, Co-PI Amir AghaKouchak and his co-authors point out that California’s… Read More

New FloodRISE Research Could Support More Resilient Infrastructure Design

In a new article published by Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), FloodRISE co-PI Amir AghaKouchak and Linyin Cheng offer a novel approach for resilient infrastructure design in the face of changing climate and extreme precipitation events. Their work is concerned with precipitation Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves, which use historic rainfall data to model the intensity… Read More