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California Coastal Resiliency: Communities in Action

FloodRISE modelers and social ecologists joined state agency representatives, non-profit and community leaders, elected officials, and tribal leaders for the 2nd California Coastal Resilience: Communities in Action workshop at UC Irvine. Sponsored by UCI Oceans, Empowering Sustainability Initiative, Newkirk Center for Science and Society, and Blue Earth Consultants, LLC, the July 21st workshop covered… Read More

Nuisance Flooding is Becoming More than Inconvenient

In a new article published in Geophysical Research Letters, FloodRISE researchers contend that nuisance flooding is a growing challenge for coastal communities with significant socio-economic and public health risks in coming years. They demonstrate that the frequency of nuisance flooding has increased in previous decades, with impacts such as public inconvenience, business interruption, and… Read More

Flooding, FloodRISE, and the Technology of Aid

Does assistance to vulnerable populations around the world result in improvements in social welfare or worsening economic conditions? This question is central to the so-called “Great Aid Debate,” which was the crux of a recent two-day UCI workshop sponsored by the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, UCI Illuminations, and the Institute for International, Global and… Read More

New Activities in the Tijuana River Watershed

This summer, the FloodRISE research team has been in the field validating flood models and getting to know local community members and land managers. On June 18, 2015 Co-PI David Feldman and Modeling Team GSR Adam Luke presented about FloodRISE research in Los Laureles at a Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team Steering Committee meeting…. Read More

New Research on Levee Detonation by FloodRISE Modeling Team

Would damage from the 2011 Mississippi River floods have been more or less severe if decision-makers had not chosen to blow up levees? This question is central to a new study by FloodRISE PI Brett Sanders and Graduate Student Researcher Adam Luke, published this week in Natural Hazards. Luke, Sanders, and their team explore whether… Read More

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Knowledge Café Showcases New Graduate Student Research

FloodRISE Graduate Student Researchers Wing Cheung (Planning, Policy, and Design) and Adam Luke (Civil and Environmental Engineering) presented new thinking about the spatial dynamics of flooding at a recent Knowledge Café. Wing shared updates from a paper he is preparing with Co-PI Doug Houston, which examines how various socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic factors influence… Read More

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