Co-PI Reyes leads the Integration and Impact Team.  The team employs a binational lens to ensure that the FloodRISE project informs and influences how communities act to increase long term resiliency to flood hazards and how students, researchers, and communities engage with each other. The Integration and Impact Team collaborates with the full FloodRISE research team to develop research agendas that reflect community needs and to integrate research across disciplines. Members of the Integration and Impact Team also provide stakeholder management in Newport Beach, the Tijuana River Valley, and Los Laureles Canyon. The graphic below synthesizes the unique interplay of dynamic activities that the Integration and Impact Team undertake to bridge research, education, and community engagement goals and maximize the project’s impact on society.


Graphic synthesizing how the Integration and Impact Team works within the FloodRISE project.

Conceptual development by RII Team, with graphic design support from Dani Boudreau