Partnering with local communities has enabled the interdisciplinary FloodRISE team to combine the best available local data and knowledge with the latest science and modeling technology and craft flood hazard information that is tailored to the needs of end-users in southern and Baja California. This is presented as a series of maps that can be access through the FloodRISE Flood Hazard Viewers presented here.

Background information about the models and data used to generate these maps can be found within the viewer itself. Our general approach involves: (1) setting up and running metric resolution hydrodynamic flood models to simulate various flooding scenarios that are relevant to these communities, and (2) post-processing model scenario results to produce maps that visualize flood hazard information in ways that end-users find useful. We rely on household surveys and stakeholder consultations to address issues of accuracy, relevance and clarity.

Visit the links below to explore the interactive Flood Hazard Viewer for each site:

To view mapping methodology for Goat Canyon and Tijuana River Valley, click HERE.