Since early October, Community Outreach Associate Ana Eguiarte has been leading the distribution of a door-to-door survey, designed by the Social Ecology Team, in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico. Ana has been coordinating a team of surveyors – five Canyon residents who previously worked collecting data for the Mexican Census – to collect data on perceptions of flood risk among community members.  Over the course of five weeks, the team collected close to 350 surveys, compiling local knowledge around flooding hazards for the Social Ecology team to analyze.  Results from this study will help inform the long-term development of more effective flood risk communication strategies. The survey team had a wide range of responses from residents, with many respondents sharing their personal experiences of living in the Canyon community, including floods and landslides that have occurred in Los Laureles. As learned from Newport Beach surveys, data collection is no easy task.  Ana and her team experienced especially challenging circumstances and conditions, yet persevered and succeeded in moving forward this meaningful on-the-ground action-oriented research!